Topic outline

  • Preparing for Learning

    This site aims to provide information and resources for students learning to use the Gamel system. We will develop videos, tip sheets and other resources for you to use. Please check it and enjoy...

  • Getting started

    The Gamel system is compatible with Netbook, Notebook, all mobile devices, including smartphones, iPhones, iPads, Android phones and Android tablets.

  • Navigating your Gamel

  • Your profile and calendar

    As a user in Gamel you have a Profile with a number of settings that control the way Gamel displays certain information about you

  • How do I use Gamel communication tools?

  • Discussion and dialogue activity

  • Assigments

    Locate the assignment link in your topic and click it. It will be indicated by this icon  .

    There are two types of assignment submission in Gamel:

    1. File upload
    2. Online text

    Try it yourself!

    If you would like to ‘try it yourself’ you will first need to enroll yourself in this site. Go to the Settings block > Topic administration and click on Enrol me in this course. Click Enrol me.  

  • Quizzes

    Learn how to use the quiz activity in Gamel.

  • Using the HTML Editor (inc. for Wikis)

    Whenever you post to a discussion forum, create a wiki page and in many other situations, you will see the HTML Editor.

  • Pendaftaran Akun Gamel Lokal (Untuk Dosen)