Topic outline

  • General

    Hello, students!

    Welcome to Gamel, your Gadjah Mada Medical elearning!

    In this session, you will have your first interactive contact with Gamel prior to the block start. You will practice on how to log in, how to interact in a forum, how to fill in a quizz/questionnaire, and how to upload assignments in a certain period of time.

    There are several funtion that Gamel supports, which are :

    • Material storage (learning materials repository)
    • Assignment Submissions
    • Quizzess (graded quizzes and practical quizzes)
    • Practical Sessions

    Worry not in making mistakes. This part is made especially for you to practice on using Gamel! This course might not represent all the features provided in Gamel, but at least you will practice to use the basic things to explore Gamel the next days. So please enjoy the session.

    Have a nice practical session!! smile

    • Topic 1

      Exercise 1

      In this first exercise, you are required to edit your profile. The course administrator had open your account and provides you with the standard password to get you in to Gamel up to this point. Somehow, you can customize your profile - and put on a fresh profile picture to replace the "default picture" there - by clicking on your name on the upper right corner of this page.

      You can also share thoughts and opinion with your friends and teacher in a discussion forum like the one under.

      Now show us what you got by filling in the required fields in the form!

      In each and every week, you will be required to join into discussion forum which will be guided by the Block Coordinator Team. The general format and appearance of the forum will look like this or like the discussion forum you have below.

      Give them a try! smile

      Time allocation: 5 minutes.

    • Topic 2

      Exercise 2

      Now you will try to fill in some quizzes to get you familiar to the mostly used form of quizzes in the blocks. Simply click on the link and go through it.


      Please participate to fill Gamel Baseline Questionnaire to capture your basic profile and your expectations on using Gamel. The data will be stored in as student database, so please make sure you answer those questions completely.

      Enjoy.. smile 

    • Topic 3

      Exercise 3

      Now students, after the quizz trial, you will now practice to work on your assignment. In every assignment, there will be different instructions depends on the assignment format. Most of the assignments ask you to submit or upload an offline file. In the first link, you will practice on how to upload an offline file.

      Some assignments requires you to work online by filling in quizzes in textbox. In the second link you can try on how to fill in a textbox.

      Enjoy... smile