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News on Gamel
by Aprisa Chrysantina - Friday, 17 June 2011, 2:34 PM
Dear All Students,
As you can see on Gamel, there are two main places for news. 
  1. The first one is in the foremost of Gamel. This one is for common news for students in any class, any batch, including other users such as instructor, lecturers, etc.
  2. The second one is on the right of your course. This one is for news that is related to the course you are enrolled in. So for example, for students in Regular Class Block 1.6, please refer to the news in corresponding course to keep updated on Regular Class Block 1.6 news. 
Don't forget to check both news places to keep yourself informed on news around Gamel and learning activities. And due to the abundant questions, feedback and comments from students, please understand that we can't answer all emails individually. We will post the answer as an information in news (depending on the topic and targeted audience). 

And when do we do that? Are we waiting for some particular number of emails?
No, since there are coordinations needed and several actions to take in order to complete your questions and requests, we will answer and provide the information once those are ready.