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Block 1.1 Learning Skill: Academic Writing

Picture of dr. Noviarina Kurniawati, M.Sc
Block 1.1 Learning Skill: Academic Writing
by dr. Noviarina Kurniawati, M.Sc - Wednesday, 10 October 2012, 1:20 PM

Dear students,

Since we accepted some error reports in downloading and printing the Academic Writing material, we offer you several troubleshooting actions as follows:

  • Try to load the page using these browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome
  • Try to save the .zip version of the file
  • Save the page before printing. Direct printing usually encounter more error especially in an unstable internet connection.
  • If all the suggested steps don't work, contact the block secretary to borrow the master copy of the material.

Please make sure that you have already done all the steps prior to the session. Suppose you find further problems, please contact the Gamel Administrator.

Thank you.